Make Your Dumb Blinds Smarter !

- The easiest way to automate your existing window blinds.

- One click is all it takes to open or close all your window shades.

- "Alexa, Open my blinds", "Ok Google, Close my blinds".



1) How does the SmartyBlinds motor work?

– The SmartyBlinds motor works with an integrated lithium battery. A transformer is included in the box to recharge the motor. (Just plug the transformer into a standard outlet). Once recharged the engine will run for 3-6 months depending on use.

2) What is the delivery time?

– The delivery time is 24-72 hours everywhere in Canada / USA.

3) What is the dimension of the motor?

– L 160 mm (6,3″) , H 42 mm (1,65″), l 46.5 mm (1,8″)

4) What is the maximum weight that the motor can support?

– Lifting / pulling capacity 10 kg or 22 lbs

5) Is the Broadlink Bridge required for operation with Google Home / Alexa?

– Yes

6) Do you have videos on how to operate and install the Smartyblinds engine?

– Yes : Click-Here

Create schedules with SmartyBlinds. is a simple and affordable device used to automate your existing horizontal or vertical window blinds in your home or office. Our products are powered by battery for easy installation, eliminating the need for an electrician.

Set a scheduled to open your blinds at sunrise and close at sunset, use voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home or manually control a single blind, or a group of them, from home or anywhere in the world with one touch of a button using your smartphone or tablet or with the remote control.

SmartyBlinds Motor

The most affordable solution on the market to make your blinds smarter.


Brilliant!!! I love this solution! Works very good with my google home and I'm looking forward to buy more for my cottage.
-Sébastien L.
Very easy to set up and reliable. I have been searching for a product like this for years. I like it very much. Have it installed on my vertical blinds and I am running it with Alexa and the Broadlink Bridge.
-Martin S.
This product actually works really wellI bought one as a test on my roller blind and it works a lot better than I expected. Have used it for a few weeks now and it has not yet failed to perform. I am a Google Home Assistant user and I control the motor through HomeKit. Have also set a time schedule which works great. I will get 8 more soon. I highly recommend it.
-Aron A.


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